Bruce Parker, CEO and Founder of Parker Medical Associates is the Original Inventor of Fiberglass Roll Splinting Systems.  As a Chemical Engineer, Bruce was intrigued with the idea of creating a fiberglass system that could be customized in length to each patient, then resealed for additional use of the same roll.  Previous to his invention and patented system, fiberglass rolls, either cast or splints would harden after being exposed to the air.  Because of the exposure to the outside elements there was an extreme amount of waste in all fiberglass delivery systems with the remaining portion that was not needed for each application.  Over the span of a decade, Bruce’s invention REVOLUTIONIZED Fracture Care in the Emergency and Operating Rooms across the world.

After manufacturing began with Parker Medical in 1987 in Charlotte, NC, he added a National Sales and Marketing Team.  The Sales Team demonstrated to End Users and Stake Holders the superior patient care and cost savings the Fiberglass Splinting System provided.  Product usage of the patented system in Fracture Management and Immobilization significantly increased around 1991.  In 1996 Bruce sold the company to Smith and Nephew, Inc., a Global Orthopedic Medical Device Company.  When he sold the company in 1996, 100% of all Fiberglass Products used in the Medical field were being manufactured in the USA.

Parker Medical Associates is Revolutionary:

✓ Has more attractive features

✓ It’s better for the patient/end user

✓ It’s easier to access and apply

✓ Has better pricing than the rest

✓ It provides a bang for the buck


Parker Medical Associates already has a revolutionary product. How can it get the revolutionary look it deserves?

ParkerMedicalRebrand - Web8
ParkerMedicalRebrand - Web15


As the symbol of Parker Medical Associates’ revolutionary, flagship product – Fiberglass Splinting System, there is a greater sense of pride with the incorporation of this newer, fresher, brighter roll in the logo.

ParkerMedicalRebrand - Web10

In past logos, the logotype had always been featured “breaking up” the roll. The new logotype is situated outside of the roll, a symbolic representation of a future goal of the company – stepping outside of the industry standard, creating better and more innovative products, all while keeping to the core of our revolution.


 In conjunction with the rebrand, a new sales team was established to penetrate market share. The sales team’s vision was based upon a video of sailing. The sales team’s vision was to sail out of stormy seas and into blue waters. The gradient of the layered circles in this icon creates the look of blue waters.



Medical product packaging is generally bland, boring and doesn’t tell a story. Parker Medical Associates main selling point is that most of their products are Made in the USA. With this in mind, it was a core part of the resulting packaging design.

The packaging for Parker Splint was important as it is the company’s flagship product, but also, it serves as a dispenser for the product. In any clinical setting. It was required that this box remain throughout the rebrand, creating the challenge of how to create a new brand experience, from a legacy design that has been in use for many years. After working with print vendors, the new box features a wrap around band so in the typical clinical format, when lined up on a shelf, there is a continuous blue band across the front, as if it looked like there was only one box.

ParkerMedicalRebrand - Web17 copy

It was important to feature such a bold number on all packaging because it is what most-often con- fuses the end user. As a common way to measure and classify products in the splinting and casting industry is through the width of the substrate, usually in inches. Every patient requires a differ- ent width of material, therefore, clinicians require to have on hand multiple widths. Many of the competition product focuses more on their brand versus the ease of use when it comes to their packaging. For end users, this would result in con- fusion among what size is packaged. Therefore, the main focal point of all packaging design is the fact that numbers are bold, easy to read, reducing confusion for the end user to identify the right size of product.

ParkerMedicalRebrand - Web18
ParkerMedicalRebrand - Web19


The new literature focused on a cohesive design that featured the product’s individual brand name. Keeping a consistent look across all literature allowed for a more integrated look amongst all products.

The literature made it easy to identify the main features of the product with bolded headings, with more details summarized into bullet points to make it less of a hassle for learning about the product features and benefits. In addition, the backsides of the literature continued with a consistent look and feel.

ParkerMedicalRebrand - Web22
Parker - Literature - Mockup 1

The design and the layout of the literature allowed for future changes to be made, whether it be new product lines or even changes in design trends.

One of the many universal design features that the literature supported was the ability to change the color behind the logo. In 2013, Parker Premium was released, and keeping with the same consistent look and feel, the main color across the literature, packaging and website was changed to the darker blue PANTONE, as a way to create differentiation between product lines. Also with the Parker Premium literature, changes were made in which the way the main features of products were presented – icons. The inclusion of icons allowed to provide a witty humor which helped convey how different the Parker Premium line was from its legacy products and the competition’s products.

The challenge with the Parker Medical Associates website relies around how the long domain is. When users type in, we want it to be worth all the effort they put in to visiting our site. Previously, the website was a last ditch effort to get content up on the website, and as a result, the design suffered. The website is hosted with WordPress, and it was critical that a new website was kept on WordPress, so that management without web skills could make edits and changes.

The website is hosted with WordPress, and it was critical that a new website was kept on WordPress, so that management without web skills could make edits and changes.

The new features a new, fresh wordpress theme, with slider images featuring the latest products and news. Typography of the new site was clean and fresh, and all headers and menus followed the brand typography. Also, the website features web-friendly literature, presenting features and benefits through shortcodes allowing content to be accessible on all devices.




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